DECALS | Toy Tubs Word Only | Set of 5+

DECALS | Toy Tubs Word Only | Set of 5+

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The ultimate storage tub solution right here! Label those toy tubs so the kids know what toys go where and they will have no excuse not to put them away right?

These decals have been tried and tested in my home and so far have been a great success. 

Simply tell me the 5+ tub names you would like in the NAME space provided. Use a comma to separate them.

Your decal pack will come with: 

  • easy to follow application instructions.
  • Squeegee for applications
  • alcohol wipes to clean the toy tub surface before application
  • 5 decals of your choice.

Decals Are no longer than 21cm long and 15cm high. The words that you choose will be made to fit into this space by making the letter height smaller or splitting onto separate lines.

These decals are cut from high quality commercial vinyl and will stand the test of time.

Decals are Approx A5 in size, with some variation depending on word/design. 

Need something different? Dont hesitate to drop us an email and we can sort out what you need.